Sentence Examples with the word fall asleep

She was barely on her feet and debated whether or not she'd get up to turn off the light or fall asleep right there.

There are thousands who are in opinion opposed to slavery and to the war, who yet in effect do nothing to put an end to them; who, esteeming themselves children of Washington and Franklin, sit down with their hands in their pockets, and say that they know not what to do, and do nothing; who even postpone the question of freedom to the question of free-trade, and quietly read the prices-current along with the latest advices from Mexico, after dinner, and, it may be, fall asleep over them both.

He'd just started to fall asleep when he sensed the intruder.

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Ben can fall asleep in the middle of a conversation.

He lay down on the sofa meaning to fall asleep and forget all that had happened to him, but could not do so.

The countess did not sleep at night, or when she did fall asleep dreamed that she saw her sons lying dead.

Martha, I couldn't fall asleep until you sat by my side and whispered.

And indeed he only had to lie down, to fall asleep like a stone, and he only had to shake himself, to be ready without a moment's delay for some work, just as children are ready to play directly they awake.

She'd rather fall asleep crying in her bed than on the beach.