Sentence Examples with the word faithless

Even if his decision was brought about by libel on the part of the suitor's friend this was done, and the Code enacted that the faithless friend should not marry the girl.

In later Judaism it was the purgatory of faithless Jews, who at last reached Paradise, but it.

The popular legends of Sicily also inspired his muse; he was the first to introduce the shepherd Daphnis who came to a miserable end after he had proved faithless to the nymph who loved him.

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But the treacherous attack, in violation of treaty, by the Christian powers, imposing too hard a task on the inexperienced young sovereign, Murad returned from his retirement at Magnesia, crushed his faithless enemies at the battle of Varna (Novemebr 10, and again withdrew to Magnesia.

The payment of blackmail, disguised as presents er ransoms, did not always secure safety with these faithless barbarians.

Among aboriginal tribes in India (Dalton, p. 186) the Moon is the Sun's bride; she was faithless and he cut her in two, but occasionally lets her shine in full beauty.

In politics he carried on the feuds of his family with the Berbers, and in his efforts to extend his dominions could be as faithless as his father.

Which finally vindicated the reality of spiritual things and the supremacy of Yahweh's purpose, in the political ruin of the' nation which was the faithless depository of these sacred truths.

She is constantly invoked, in the well-known idyll (ii.) of Theocritus, in the incantation to bring back a woman's faithless lover.

In the younger contemporary prophet of Ephraim, Hosea, the stress is laid on the relation of love (hesed) between Yahweh, the divine husband, and Israel, the faithless spouse.