Sentence Examples with the word fairway

The fairway between this bank, which begins to the west of Dumbarton, and the southern shore constitutes the safest anchorage in the upper firth.

The question of a fairway from ocean to harbour has been a difficult one at nearly every port on the African coast.

The sweepers continued their labours night after night, gradually extending the fairway up which heavy craft could safely venture.

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Around being then only three fathoms deep. Lying in the fairway of vessels making or leaving the Tay and Forth, besides ports farther north, it was a constant menace to navigation.

Until 1894 the fairway up to Bremen had a minimum depth of little over 8 ft.; thereafter important works were undertaken, the minimum depth was made 18 ft., and the importance of Bremen as a port was greatly enhanced.

Inchkeith, an island in the fairway of the Firth of Forth, 22 m.

But unremitting efforts have been made to maintain a sufficient fairway up to Hamburg.

But it was not until 1904 that the fairway was deepened sufficiently to allow mail steamers of the largest class to enter the harbour.