Sentence Examples with the word faintly

On the other hand, they show faintly acid properties since the hydrogen: of the amido group can be replaced by metals to give such compounds as mercury acetamide (CH 3 CONH) 2 Hg.

Her arms and legs were only faintly scarred despite the glass shards from the rocket attacks and the damage done by Sasha.

He smiled faintly and nodded, striking off down the hall towards his private wing of the underground facility.

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Though but faintly pictured in the Vedic hymns, he is there invoked with Ormazd, or Ahuramazda, the god of the sky, and is clearly a divinity of light, the protector of truth and the enemy of error and falsehood.

It is moderately soluble in water, the solution possessing a faintly acid reaction.

They faintly suggested that one or two moral heroes of old time might have realized the ideal, but they admitted that all other philosophers (even) were merely in a state of progress towards it.

Then--that I never had been bor-r-r-r-n! echoes another on the farther side with tremulous sincerity, and--bor-r-r-r-n! comes faintly from far in the Lincoln woods.

The other is C. norvegicum, which is also somewhat larger than C. edule, is longer dorsoventrally than broad, and is only faintly ribbed.

The milk of the cow, which may be taken as typical of all others, and is indeed by far the most important and valuable of all (see Dairy And Dairy Farming), is, when newly drawn, an opaque white fluid, with a yellowish tinge, soft, bland and sweetish to the taste, and possessed of a faintly animal odour.

Its specific gravity is 3.7; it is only slightly soluble in cold water, but is more soluble in hot water, the solution reacting faintly acid.