Sentence Examples with the word faeroes

The revenue and expenditure of the Faeroes are included in the budget for Denmark proper, but Iceland and the West Indies have their separate budgets.

A submarine ridge, about 300 fathoms deep at its deepest, unites Greenland with Iceland (across Denmark Strait), the Faeroes and Scotland.

Greenland belonged to the Norwegian crown till 1814, when, at the dissolution of the union between Denmark and Norway, neither it nor Iceland and the Faeroes were mentioned, and they, therefore, were kept by the Danish king and thus came to Denmark.

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The early history of the Faeroes is not clear.

The Faeroes then already bore their name of Sheep Islands, as these animals had been found to flourish here exceedingly.

In summer the waters are visited by a great number of foreign fishermen, inclusive of about 300 fishing-boats from French ports, as well as by fishing-boats from the Faeroes and Norway, and steam trawlers from England.

Denmark retained possession of the Faeroes at the peace of Kiel in 1815.

The Faeroes form an amt (county) of Denmark.

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For the birds of the Faeroes there is H.