Sentence Examples with the word faeces

It colours the faeces black owing to the formation of sulphide.

The urodaeum serves only as a passage, the urine being mixed with the faeces in the chamber above.

With the faeces of the host the larva hatches out and swims freely for a time.

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The innermost, the coprodaeum, is an oval dilatation of the end of the rectum, and attains its greatest size in those birds whose faeces are very fluid; it serves entirely as the temporary receptacle of the faeces and the urine.

Janus builds up a tube by pellets of its own faeces (fig.

Unchewed oats pass out in the faeces uninjured, so that they are capable of germination, and are of less than no value to a horse.

It was also shown that animals may become infected through the faeces of a flea which has been fed on plague-infected rats.

Discharges - vomited matters, sputa, urine and faeces - are possible media by which plague is spread from person to person.