Sentence Examples with the word fading

Tattoos flared on the arms and necks of the people in front of her before fading and growing invisible again.

The totality of being may thus be conceived as a series of concentric circles, fading away towards the verge of non-existence, the force of the original Being in the outermost circle being a vanishing quantity.

He went still, the humor fading from his features.

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His death-dealers were fading into the shadows of the forest as the ground shook.

In Moscow as soon as he entered his huge house in which the faded and fading princesses still lived, with its enormous retinue; as soon as, driving through the town, he saw the Iberian shrine with innumerable tapers burning before the golden covers of the icons, the Kremlin Square with its snow undisturbed by vehicles, the sleigh drivers and hovels of the Sivtsev Vrazhok, those old Moscovites who desired nothing, hurried nowhere, and were ending their days leisurely; when he saw those old Moscow ladies, the Moscow balls, and the English Club, he felt himself at home in a quiet haven.

Leaning to the side, she gazed up at his profile as he watched the fading horizon.

The spectrum, which closely resembles that of a sunspot, is marked by flutings or bands of lines sharply bounded on the violet side and fading off towards the red.

She cursed, her mutter fading away as she tested her body.

Dean stepped back further, the smile fading from his face as the two men drove away at a very sedate pace.

Being shorter than everyone else would be a boon this night; she waited until the two were out of sight before fading back toward the house.