Sentence Examples with the word facial

The style of the XIIth Dynasty may be summed up as clean, highly-finished work, strong in facial detail; but with neither the grandeur of the IVth nor the vivacity of the XVIIIth Dynasty.

It is of undoubted value as a local anodyne in sciatica and neuralgia, especially in ordinary facial or trigeminal neuralgia.

The facial portion of the skull is very short; a long process of the maxillary bone descends from the anterior part of the zygomatic arch; and the ascending ramus of the mandible is remarkably high.

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She knew by their similar facial features they were brothers, and Romas's threat of hooking her up with one made her more self-conscious.

Yet he still couldn't control his facial muscles or speak.

Uintatheres were huge creatures, with long narrow skulls, of which the elongated facial portion carried three pairs of bony horn-cores, probably covered with short horns in life, the hind-pair being much the largest.

Timur is here displayed as a stoutish, long-bodied man, below the middle-height, in age and feature not unlike the first portrait, but with thicker and more straggling hair, and distincter, though not more agreeable character in the facial expression, yet not a sign of power, genius, or any elements of grandeur or celebrity.

For the accuracy of the facial curves, and the grasp of character and type, it is equal to any later work; and in its entire absence of conventions and its pnre naturalism there is no later sculpture so good: as Prof. A.

The moonlight outlined his head, but reading any facial expression was impossible in the dim light.

The Nepal goat appears to be a variety of the Nubian breed, having the same arched facial line, pendulous ears and long legs.