Sentence Examples with the word eyesight

In 1893 loss of health and failing eyesight obliged him to give up the active duties of his chair, and a deputy professor being appointed, he went to live in London, where he died on the 15th of March 1897.

These contractions, however, may prove too great a strain upon the eyesight or the memory, and thus become a hindrance instead of a help. This was apparently the case in Greek, for though the early printers cast types for all the contractions of the Greek MSS.

Here he married and settled down to the life of a sheep-farmer; but finding his health and eyesight greatly improved, he came to Melbourne as lecturer on history at the university.

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The Sudanese, moreover, shoot better than the fellahin, whose eyesight is often defective.

A temporary loss of eyesight interfered with his canvass, and he was defeated by a small majority (1009), the campaign having been watched with the greatest interest throughout the country.

But Xander's enhanced eyesight was able to see one half of the strange interaction.

A successful operation for cataract restored his eyesight in June 1900, and notwithstanding his 81 years he resumed to some extent his former political activity.

In 1847, when his eyesight threatened to fail, which disqualified him for sea service, he was appointed to the ordnance department.

In his old age he was blinded by cataract, but recovered his eyesight by the operation of couching.

The exact nature of his offence is not known, but the answer to his appeal was that he was deprived of his eyesight by the emperor's orders.