Sentence Examples with the word eyeball

If the eyeball be kept perfectly clean and no organism be admitted from the outside then ulceration will not follow.

Not that the eyeball itself differs from that of an Occidental.

As a result of the extreme pupillary dilatation, the tension of the eyeball is greatly raised.

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The subsequent experiments of Snellen, Senftleben, and, more lately, of Turner, seem to show that if the eyeball be protected from the impingement of foreign particles, an accident to which it is liable owing to its state of anaesthesia, the ulceration may be warded off indefinitely.

In these animals the eyeball and the fur of the body are unpigmented, but the tips of the ear pinnae and extremities of the fore and hind limbs, together with the tail, are marked by more or less well defined colour.

One result of this among the Vertebrata is that the eyeball is pink in colour, since the cornea, iris and retina being transparent, the red blood contained in the capillaries is unmasked by the absence of pigmentary material.