Sentence Examples with the word exuberant

All three are Gothic edifices and are notable for their elaborately carved doorways, in which free play has been given to the exuberant fancy of the Gothic style, and all three enshrine valuable treasures of art.

But this attitude was not likely to appeal to the exuberant energy of the new pope.

His poems, novels and comedies are full of wit and exuberant vitality.

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The fate of the town had excited the liveliest sympathy in England, and the exuberant rejoicings in London on the news of its relief led to the coining of the word magicking to describe the behaviour of crowds on occasions of extravagant demonstrations of a national kind.

It still remains a monument of fertile invention, exuberant facility and energetic handling of material.

These hills are densely clothed to their summits with an exuberant growth of olives, figs, myrtles, laurels, oranges, aloes, vines and other sub-tropical plants.

She put her arms about his neck in a bear hug and gave him an exuberant big sister kiss on the mouth.

Those writers did not share, could not be expected to share, the exuberant optimism of the early Buddhists.

So again, in the stress that he lays on the misery which the most secret wrong-doing must necessarily cause from the perpetual fear of discovery, and in his exuberant exaltation of the value of disinterested friendship, he shows a sincere, though not completely successful, effort to avoid the offence that consistent egoistic hedonism is apt to give to ordinary human feeling.

But, though illuminated by the rays of art, and loaded with the exuberant panegyrics of humanists and poets, the reign of the first Medicean pontiff, by its unbounded devotion to purely secular tendencies and its comparative neglect of the Church herself proved disastrous for the See of St Peter.