Sentence Examples with the word extreme

A double inking apparatus is of course necessary, and the inking arrangements are placed at the two extreme ends of the machine.

Unofficially, he pointed out to the French plenipotentiaries, arguing from Napoleon's experience, the extreme danger of an invasion of Spain, but at the same time explained, for the benefit of the duke of Angouleme, the best way to conduct a campaign in the Peninsula.

The extreme length is 360 ft., the breadth 156 ft., the breadth of the nave 60 ft., and its height (domes within)is 112 ft.

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In 1893 he retired, and devoted himself to journalism and lecturing, becoming well known for his ardent advocacy of extreme socialistic views.

In Guadalcanar is Mt Lammas (8000 ft.), while the extreme heights of the other islands range between 2500 and 5000 ft.

The three of us rode out to Rick's Gourmet Ice Cream where we calmed our souls with three scoops of Cherry Cheesecake for Betsy and a like amount of extreme Chocolate for Molly and me.

At the Restoration in 1660 Hale was very graciously received by Charles II., and in the same year was appointed chief baron of the exchequer, and accepted, with extreme reluctance, the honour of knighthood.

The extreme heat of the south-east is tempered by the extremely low humidity characteristic of the Great Basin, which in the interior of the two southernmost counties is very low.

The other extreme type is the shallow construction, where the railway is brought to the minimum distance below the street level.

To the extreme development of the carapace in Laura, as compared with the segmented body, it would be difficult to find among crustaceans any analogy more striking than that of the great ovarial expansions in Nicothoe astaci, the little copepod parasite of the common lobster.