Sentence Examples with the word extraordinarily

The acoustic properties of the theatre are extraordinarily good, a speaker in the orchestra being heard throughout the auditorium without raising his voice.

He was quite unacquainted with the history of his own language and literature, and more here than anywhere else he showed the extraordinarily limited and conventional spirit which accompanied the revolt of the French 18th century against limits and conventions in theological, ethical and political matters.

It is this close automatic interdependence cf engir e and boiler which makes the locomotive so extraordinarily w ell suited for the purpose of locomotive traction.

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There are so many differences of detail that no line can be drawn between the one-celled funnel of Aeolosoma and the extraordinarily large and folded funnel of the posterior nephridia in the Oligochaete Thamnodrilus.

As a result of this the unconsidered tune, like the song of a bird, was extraordinarily good.

Was left face to face with an extraordinarily skilful, adroit, and unscrupulous antagonist.

Sigismund's position as king of Poland was extraordinarily difficult.

Among the mosquitoes, which are extraordinarily numerous in some of the hot lowland districts, are the species credited with the spread of malarial and yellow fevers.

They are, however, extraordinarily tenacious of their ancient customs, and, almost totally isolated from the rest of Christendom since the 5th century, they afford an interesting study to the eccesiastical student.

In altitude: like the High Plains farther north, it is extraordinarily smooth; it is very dry, except for occa sional shallow and temporary water sheets after rains.