Sentence Examples with the word extinguished

Howie extinguished the light, went directly to the small bed and turned to the wall.

Then came a time of repression and persecution under Iyeyasu, whose second edict in 1614 condemned every foreigner to death, forbade the entry of foreigners and the return of Japanese who had left the islands, and extinguished Christianity by fire and sword.

Sherman, on his march through the Carolinas, entered Columbia, and on the ensuing night a fire broke out which was not extinguished until most of the city was destroyed.

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Therefore, while every other religion which was purely national was extinguished in the nation's overthrow, the religion of Israel survived even amid exile and dispersion.

The laughter thus provoked extinguished the Predictions for three years, and in 1715 Partridge died in fact; but the episode left a permanent trace in classic literature, for when in 2709 Steele was to start the Tatler, it occurred to him that he could secure the public ear in no surer way than by adopting the name of Bickerstaff.

In North Africa Manichaeism appears to have been extinguished by the persecution of the Vandals.

Lights are extinguished at night, to lay some treacle on a piece of wood afloat on a broad basin of water.

Magic, astrology and alchemy - all the outgrowth of Neoplatonism - gave the first effectual stimulus to the observation of nature, and consequently to natural science, and in this way finally extinguished barren rationalism.

Pisas maritime power having been extinguished in the battle of Meloria (1284), the two surviving republics had no rivals.

The light was extinguished and Dean heard the door close to silence.