Sentence Examples with the word extermination

Kutuzov even imagined that Napoleon's army might turn back through Medyn and Yukhnov, but the one thing he could not foresee was what happened--the insane, convulsive stampede of Napoleon's army during its first eleven days after leaving Moscow: a stampede which made possible what Kutuzov had not yet even dared to think of--the complete extermination of the French.

The most effective step would obviously be the extermination of the Anopheles mosquito.

The colonial period was marked by the destruction of the ancient Indian civilization, the extermination of many entire tribes, and the enslavement of the survivors, who were exploited to the utmost for the benefit of Spanish officials and adventurers.

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In 1124 the southern portions of the land were converted by St Otto, but it was only under the threat of extermination if they persisted in their evil ways that the people of Stettin accepted the faith in the following year.

The extermination of noxious animals, and the exposure of corpses to the dogs and birds, that earth may not be polluted by their presence.

Reprisals followed; and the position became so desperate that the extermination of the Bushmen appeared to the government the only safe alternative.

All Europe stood aghast at the news of the execution of the Patriarch Gregorios of Constantinople (April 2 2, 1821) and the wholesale massacres that followed, culminating as these did in the extermination of the prosperous community of Scio (Chios) in March 1822.

Instantly the movement was diverted from its original object, and the peasants and their leaders began a war of extermination against the landlords.

Pompey rose still higher in popularity, and on the motion of the tribune Aulus Gabinius in 67 he was entrusted with an extraordinary command over the greater part of the empire, specially for the extermination of piracy in the Mediterranean, by which the corn supplies of Rome were seriously endangered, while the high prices of provisions caused great distress.

This was but natural: conquest can only be enforced by the extermination of the conquered, or by their consent to amalgamate with the conquerors, or by the of the land that has been subdued by settlers or by military posts.