Sentence Examples with the word extant

The translator's original copy and a coeval transcript of it are still extant in the Bodleian library (Bodl.

The work cannot be considered complete till all the extant manuscripts have been collated or at least examined.

The church erected by him in honour of St Felix in the 4th century is extant in part.

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This assertion is supported by the fact that in seven of the extant MSS.

Are extant in the Greek, Coptic, and two Armenian versions.

There is extant a Journal of Louise of Savoy, the authenticity of which seems certain.

The composition of didactic, lyrical and elegiac poetry also was the accomplishment and pastime of an educated dilettante class, the only extant specimens of any interest being some of the Silvae of Statius.

The process finds its normal development in later and non-biblical literature; but one can recognize earlier, cruder and less distinctive stages, and, as surely as writings reflect the mentality of an author or of his age, the peculiar characteristics of the extant sources, viewed in the light of a comprehensive survey of Palestinian and surrounding culture, demand a reasonable explanation.

Unfortunately, the extant remains of Brythonic are scanty; but in the Roman period it borrowed a large number of Latin words, which, as we know their original forms, and as they underwent the same modifications as other words in the language, enable us to trace the phonetic changes by which Brythonic became Welsh.

In Ulfilas' Gothic version of the Bible, the earliest extant literary monument of the Germanic languages, the Syrophoenician woman (Mark vii.