Sentence Examples with the word expounder

The Brehon was an arbitrator, umpire, and expounder of the law, rather than a judge in the modern acceptation.

Webster declared that the Federal government through the Supreme Court was the ultimate expounder and interpreter of its own powers, while Calhoun championed the rights of the individual state under a written contract which reserved to each state its sovereignty.

He was the propagandist of sentiments and aspirations rather than the expounder of a systematic theory.

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But the 'amora soon ceased to be a mere repeater, and developed into an original expounder of scripture and tradition.

P. Wheeler, Daniel Webster, the Expounder of the Constitution (New York, 2905); S.

The Rabbi HILLEL, who in the 4th century made the remarkable declaration that Israel need not expect a Messiah, because the promise of a Messiah had already been fulfilled in the days of King Hezekiah (Babli, Sanhedrin, 99a), is probably Hillel, the son of Samuel ben Nahman, a well-known expounder of the scriptures.

And Swedenborg is the divinely commissioned expounder of this threefold sense of the word, and so the founder of the New Church, the paraclete of the last dispensation.