Sentence Examples with the word expositor

The Separatist Reformed Church of Holland had sent out a young expositor of its doctrines named Postma, who, in November 1858, became minister of Rustenburg.

The introducer and expositor of such a twofold morality was a remarkable man.

Hutton in the Expositor (September, October and November 1890).

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Paley, though an excellent expositor and full of common sense, had the usual defect of common-sense people in philosophy - that of tame acquiescence in the prejudices of his age.

It is true that his French panegyrists (and he is not himself free from censure on this score) are unjust in their estimate of Smith as an expositor and extol too highly the merits of Say.

Carlyle's doctrines, entirely opposed to the ordinary opinions of Whigs and Radicals, found afterwards an expositor in his ardent disciple Ruskin, and have obvious affinities with more recent socialism.

Farrar; Expositor (1884) p. 107 and (1900) p. 59; also H.

But in this aspect he is rather to be regarded as the diligent expositor of other men's views than as an original thinker.

His object was to popularize among his countrymen the astronomical theories of Descartes; and it may well be doubted if that philosopher ever ranked a more ingenious or successful expositor among his disciples.

Sanday appeared in The Expositor for February 1890.