Sentence Examples with the word exposed

This is especially the case in the lichens (symbiotic organisms composed of a fungal mycelium in association with algal cells), which are usually exposed to very severe fluctuations in external conditions.

In all structures exposed to wind, if the resisting moments of the ordinary materials of construction, such as masonry, partitions, floors and connexions, are not sufficient to resist the moment of distortion due to wind pressure, taken in any direction on any part of the structure, additional bracing shall be introduced sufficient to make up the difference in the moments.

I figured she was better off not being exposed to that situation.

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He and his twin-brother Neleus were exposed by their mother, but were nurtured by a herdsman.

Their colour is a brown, lighter or darker generally according to the amount of their exposure to the sun - being darker on some of the atolls where the people spend much time in fishing, and among fishermen on the volcanic islands, and lighter among women, chiefs and others less exposed than the bulk of the people.

The carefully dried crystallized salt is pressed into the basin, and, after the lid has been fitted on, is exposed to a long-lasting moderate heat.

Basil is one of the most remarkable examples of a man, without education and exposed to the most demoralizing influences, manifesting extraordinary talents in the government of a great state, when he had climbed to the throne by acts of unscrupulous bloodshed.

Shipton leaned to his right and began to chip away at a large outcrop of ice directly above Dean, laughing as a loosened piece tumbled downward, striking Dean's exposed head, nearly knocking him senseless.

You are the epitome of what she shouldn't be exposed to.

With the methods of history, these writers were naturally exposed to the risks and chances of error attendant upon those methods.