Sentence Examples with the word exploitation

This increase was chiefly due to the exploitation of new goldfields.

Under him were the several groups employed in the different branches of the exploitation and the care of the cattle and flocks, as well as those who kept or prepared the food, clothing and tools of the whole staff and those who attended on the master in the various species of rural sports.

In 1851 the first railway in the state was com - pleted between Milwaukee and Waukesha, but the village re - mained only a farming community until the exploitation of the mineral springs was begun about 1868.

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Five objectives were laid down, and exploitation was to be carried out beyond the final one to Welsh Ridge (N.

The exploitation of the mines led to a rapid development of the town during the next three years.

All contracts of lease, exploitation of forests, waters and natural riches are cancelled.

From the time of the coming of the first considerable body of British settlers dates the development of trade and agriculture in the colony, followed somewhat later by the exploitation of the mineral resources of the country.

The operation had been brilliant in the extreme, but the exploitation proved more difficult, as neither tank nor artillery support was available in sufficient strength.

Greece, however, did not sign, and continued her operations, though these were in the nature of exploitation rather than of fresh effort, except in Epirus, where operations against Yannina were in progress.

In the second place it was contended that the method of exploitation of the state lands and the concessions system nullified the free trade provisions of the Berlin Act.