Sentence Examples with the word exploded

Setting aside the exploded tradition that he was martyred along with Polycarp (c. A.D.

He turned to address Dan, when the sagging building behind them exploded into flames and light.

Too fast, he felt the buffers' effect on his powers lessen, and magic exploded through him.

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On the 17th of November seven mines were exploded at Sung-Shu, which blew in the back of the counterscarp galleries.

She'd just sat down again when the inner door exploded into rocks that flew across the room.

They exploded into pebbles and dust.

She sat on one suitcase, nearly bending it in two while unlatching the other until it exploded open, scattering contents about the porch.

They finally exploded the pretensions of the Textus Receptus to be the original text; but neither of them gave any explanation of the relations of the later text to the earlier, nor developed Griesbach's system of dealing with groups of MSS.

He watched the visual before him as one mine, then the next and the next, exploded and spewed toxic dust into the atmosphere.

Furious but grateful for the chance to move before she exploded at him, Jessi forced her rubbery legs to cooperate and descended to the front door.