Sentence Examples with the word explicit

For the testimony of Hegesippus is explicit that at the time of the arrest of Zoker and James they were all who survived of the kindred of the Lord.

This yearning, he held, springs - like more sensual impulses - from a sense of want of something formerly possessed, of which there remains a latent memory in the soul, strong in proportion to its philosophic capacity; hence it is that in learning any abstract truth by scientific demonstration we merely make explicit what we already implicitly know; we bring into clear consciousness hidden memories of a state in which the soul looked upon Reality and Good face to face, before the lapse that imprisoned her in an alien body and mingled her true nature with fleshly feelings and impulses.

Between the implicit logic of daily speech and the same logic made explicit in a system, passed over into the logical handbooks.

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That was an explicit statement of Venetian aims and contentions: the place and people had made each other and now belonged exclusively to each other.

Absence of explicit reference to Paul).

Contains explicit reference to the tribute of Jehu of Samaria, and graphically depicts the Hebrew captives.

Pizarro, Almagro and Luque afterwards renewed their compact in a more solemn and explicit manner, agreeing to conquer and divide equally among themselves the opulent empire they hoped to reach.

The foregoing account of the nature of mathematics necessitates a strict deduction of the general properties ' The first unqualified explicit statement of part of this definition seems to be by B.

Upon the nature of the reasoning by which in mathematical science we pass from data to conclusions, Hume gives no explicit statement.

In this way, the attributes are suggestively allotted among the four traditional proofs; 7 but we miss an explicit rebutting of Kant's hostile assumption, that it is incompetent for us to take the thought of God piecemeal.