Sentence Examples with the word expire

So early as March 1908 Mr Hallo had laid a formal proposal before the House that the charter of the AustroHungarian bank, which was to expire on the 31st of December 19 10, should not be renewed; that negotiations should be opened with the Austrian government with a view to a convention between the banks of Austria and Hungary; and that, in the event of these negotiations failing, an entirely separate Hungarian bank should be established.

The gg Y divergent interests of the various colonies threatened indeed a tariff and railway war when the Customs Convention (provisionally renewed in March 1906) should expire in 1908.

Thou didst expire in the ardour of her embraces, nor did she leave Thee when dead, 0 Lord Jesus, for she allowed not Thy body to rest elsewhere than in a borrowed grave.

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His safe-conduct was to expire twenty-one days after the 16th of April.

All banks, except national banks, are subject to examination by a public official, and their charters expire within twenty years of their issue.

In March 1908 Mr Hallo laid before the Hungarian parliament a formal proposal that the charter of the Austro-Hungarian Bank, which was to expire at the end of 1910, should not be renewed; and that, in the event of failure to negotiate a convention between the banks of Austria and Hungary, a separate Hungarian Bank should be established.

The subtenant's interest will expire with the interest of the person who created it.

My offer is good whether you expire in three months or an eternity.

The greatest of the popes thus breathed his last; but the new spirit he had communicated to the papacy was not destined to expire with him.

Immortal Code, Rule 302: Debts incurred by a deity shall not expire and shall be transferred to successors until settled.