Sentence Examples with the word expertly

He resisted for a moment longer, watching the woman expertly slice Katie's shirt open.

Hopping into the cab he turned the truck around, expertly backing the trailer into the spot she had indicated.

Felipa smiled as she expertly tied a big red bow.

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He watched as Mansr expertly organized the evacuations and aligned the space battle to keep the Yirkins' attention off the ships fleeing the planet's surface for the nearest moon, Kiera.

Jenn ran small wand over her body, eyes expertly taking in her skin.

Tamer's eyes took it in expertly before he rose.

She lifted her whip and expertly popped it over the back of the lead mule.

He expertly captured the chicken's head and then reached under her, extracting the eggs.

He heard others as they expertly rappelled down past him to the accident site.

Yancey expertly caught the head of the serpent between the forks of a stick and bent over to pick it up.