Sentence Examples with the word experimentally

Measured experimentally by two methods.

Leuckart proved experimentally that these young forms become encysted in the muscles of mice, and the cycle is completed after the mouse is devoured by a cat.

Hence it is not very easy to determine experimentally the law of magnetic force between poles.

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It has now been firmly established, both experimentally and mathematically, that coronae are due to diffraction by the minute particles of moisture and dust suspended in the atmosphere, and the radii of the rings depend on the size of the diffracting particles.

The answer to this was found experimentally by Arthur Schuster, who suspended the whole instrument in delicate equilibrium, and observed the effect of introducing the radiation.

It is not yet experimentally proved that variation as the inverse square is absolutely true at all distances.

Crude petroleum was experimentally distilled in the United States in 1833 by Prof. Silliman (d.

In the Lawes Testimonial Laboratory there is a vast collection of samples of experimentally grown produce, annual products, ashes and soils.

Kirchhoff determined experimentally in a certain case the absolute value of the current induced by one circuit in another, and in the same year Erik Edland (1819-1888) made a series of careful experiments on the induction of electric currents which further established received theories.

These results have been confirmed experimentally by K.