Sentence Examples with the word experiential

The real order is sensation and sensory judgment, conception, memory and memorial judgment, experience and experiential judgment, inference, inferential judgment, inferential conception.

Again, since sense is the origin of memory and experience, memorial and experiential judgments are categorical and existential judgments, which so far as they report sensory judgments are always true.

But the conditions are not realized, and in an experiential subject-matter are not realizable.

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So sense, memory and experience, the sum of sense and memory, though requiring conception, are the causes of the experiential judgment that there exist and have existed many similar, sensible things, and these sensory, memorial and experiential judgments about the existence of past and present sensible things beyond conceived ideas become the particular premises of primary inference.

Rather a scientific process, which as experiential may be called inductive, but which is in other regards deductive as syllogism, is set up in constrast to syllogism YvI.

Imagine not only that you could get instant answers to questions that have never been asked but also that the (anonymous) combined experiential data of everything every person ever did was the data that powered it.

Finally, since sense, memory and experience are the origin of inference, primary inference is categorical and existential, starting from sensory, memorial and experiential judgments as premises, and proceeding to inferential judgments as conclusions, which are categorical and existential, and are true, so far as they depend on sense, memory and experience.