Sentence Examples with the word expelling

Antigonus never succeeded in reaching Macedonia, although his son Demetrius won Athens and Megara in 307 and again (304-302) wrested almost all Greece from Cassander; nor did Antigonus succeed in expelling Ptolemy from Egypt, although he led an army to its frontier in 306; and after the battle of Gaza in 312, in which Ptolemy and Seleucus defeated Demetrius, he had to see Seleucus not only recover Babylonia but bring all the eastern provinces under his authority as far as India.

In inorganic chemistry its principal applications are based on its solvent power for metals, and its power of expelling other acids from their salts.

Less than a year after the treaty concluded with Ladislaus of Durazzo, the latter forced his way into Rome (June 8, 1413), which he sacked, expelling John, to whom even the Florentines did not dare to throw open their gates for fear of the king of Sicily.

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The Goagnazes, or prevailing tribe of Indians in that neighbourhood, as soon as they discovered the intentions of the new-comers to fix themselves permanently there, collected for the purpose of expelling them.

The Athenians retaliated by attacking Methone (which was secured by Brasidas), by successes in the West, by expelling all Aeginetans from Aegina (which was made a cleruchy), and by wasting the Megarid.

Though the prince succeeded in expelling his brothers from the country, his cruelty induced the Bohemians to dethrone him and to choose as their ruler the Polish prince Vladivoj, brother of Boleslav the Great, and son of the Bohemian princess Dubravka (Dobrawa).

He quelled the attempted revolution in 1848 without bloodshed by arresting all the conspirators and expelling them from the country.

ZEthelfrith eventually acquired possession of Deira, probably in 604 or 605, perhaps on Ella's death, expelling his son Edwin (q.v.).

Should, however, the Turks invade the country, the Polish and Hungarian forces were to unite in expelling them, the voivode was to be deposed, and the Moldavian territories divided between the allies.

If Joan had been well supported by her master and his counsellors, it is probable that she might have completed her mission by expelling the English from France.