Sentence Examples with the word expectant

But before taking further steps he retired to Versailles, then a hunting lodge, and there, listening to two of Richelieu's friends, Claude de Saint-Simon, father of the memoir writer, and Cardinal La Valette, sent for Richelieu in the evening, and while the salons of the Luxembourg were full of expectant courtiers the king was reassuring the cardinal of his continued favour and support.

She met his expectant gaze.

The king proposed that the actual noble holders of crown property should either pay an annual sum of 200,000 rix-dollars, to be allowed for out of any further crown lands subsequently falling in to them, or should surrender a fourth of the expectant property itself to the estimated amount of 600,000 rix-dollars.

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Pulling himself from his spotty memories, Jule looked up at an expectant Rourk.

In long Indian file, as when herons take wing, the white birds were now all flying towards Ahab's boat; and when within a few yards began fluttering over the water there, wheeling round and round, with joyous, expectant cries.

The friendly herd followed them, crowding the expectant mother.

No wonder, then, that the Vatican, confronted by a new Italy, observed The Papacy a passive and expectant attitude, and sanctioned no jot or tittle that could infringe its rights or be Italian interpreted as a renunciation of its temporal sovereignty.

He gave her a grateful look, but was still expectant and looking for someone.

Darkyn.s chuckle filled the air around them, and Jade watched Sasha.s face turn from expectant to furious.

He watched the expectant look turn to one of disbelief.