Sentence Examples with the word expansion

Goose Pond, of small extent, is on my way to Flint's; Fair Haven, an expansion of Concord River, said to contain some seventy acres, is a mile southwest; and White Pond, of about forty acres, is a mile and a half beyond Fair Haven.

With the expansion of trade and industry the number of artisans increased, and they banded together for mutual protection.

That branch of biology which is termed morphology is a commentary upon, and expansion of, the proposition that widely different animals or plants, and widely different parts of animals or plants, are constructed upon the same plan.

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The united stream now turns east and joins the Ghazal through a lake-like expansion (see below).

Chiefly owing to the brittleness of this material, Lord Rosse's first larger specula were composed of a number of thin plates of speculum metal (sixteen for a 3-foot mirror) soldered on the back of a strong but light framework made of a peculiar kind of brass (2.75 of copper to 1 of zinc), which has the same expansion as his speculum metal.

The expansion of the colony was little retarded by native opposition until the Dutch encountered the Bantu negro tribes.

An expansion pipe is taken from the top of the tank to a point above the roof.

Again, it is very often observed that, if the sperm whale, once struck, is allowed time to rally, he then acts, not so often with blind rage, as with wilful, deliberate designs of destruction to his pursuers; nor is it without conveying some eloquent indication of his character, that upon being attacked he will frequently open his mouth, and retain it in that dread expansion for several consecutive minutes.

The Coefficients In The Expansion Of (A A) N For Any Particular Value Of N Are Obtained By Reading Diagonally Upwards From Left To Right From The (N 1)Th Number In The First Column.

Dalton's idea that elements preferentially combined in equiatomic proportions had as an immediate inference that metallic oxides contained one atom of the metal to one atom of oxygen, and a simple expansion of this conception was that one atom of oxide combined with one atom of acid to form one atom of a neutral salt.