Sentence Examples with the word exhaustion

The cock is now shut against both communications, the reservoir lifted, the gas contents of A discharged and so on, until, when after an exhaustion mercury is let into A, the metal strikes against the top without interposition of a gas-bell.

Pulling back the covers on her bed, she slipped between the cool sheets and let exhaustion take its course.

Eventually exhaustion won, though, and she slept.

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In 355 his advance temporarily ceased, but, as we learn from Isocrates and Xenophon, the financial exhaustion of the league was such that its destruction was only a matter of time.

She slept fitfully between her busy thoughts, sheer exhaustion claiming her in spurts.

While the methods of agriculture have generally shown little, if any, advance, the population is increasing rapidly; and although since the emancipation of the peasants the average annual export of cereals has increased from less than 12 million tons in 1860 to over 6 million tons in 1900, this result has been attained largely by the repeated cropping to exhaustion of the soil.

The middle ages were far more disastrous for the Monophysites than for the Nestorians; in their case there was no alternation of rise and decline, and we have only a long period of gradual exhaustion to chronicle.

In 1890 the state board of forestry estimated that the redwood forests were in danger of exhaustion by 1930.

A few days before the siege was raised the aged grand hetman died of exhaustion in the fortress (Sept.

Not until the early hours of morning did exhaustion take her into a sound sleep.