Sentence Examples with the word exemplary

One of the most affecting things in his novels is the heroic constancy and fidelity of the maid Amy to her exemplary mistress Roxana.

Although the private life of the new archbishop appears to have been the reverse of exemplary he attempted to carry out some very necessary reforms in his new official capacity; he also continued the struggle for precedence, which had been carried on for many years between the archbishops of Canterbury and of York.

We are trying to pick out those articles ath are really great and exemplary in the 1911.

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The last few months of his life were spent in the exemplary discharge of his archiepiscopal duties; but a not altogether unfounded suspicion that he had invoked the assistance of Francis if not of Charles V.

At the age of thirteen or fourteen he went to the Jesuit College of Clermont at Paris, where he stayed till the summer of 1588, and where he laid the foundations of his profound knowledge, while perfecting himself in the exercises of a young nobleman and practising a life of exemplary virtue.

Figures as a saint whose exemplary piety turned the capital into a church.

The new pastor provided exemplary preaching.

This is principally the consequence of the exemplary way in which the duties of inspector under these acts were carried out by Dr R.

He showed exemplary track manners, almost coming to a halt on occasion to let faster cars past.

Celestial physics, with its pure forms and void of all matter save extension, is not such an exemplary science after all.