Sentence Examples with the word exemplar

An interesting light on the history of the written text seems to be afforded by the phenomena of the existing MS. The poem is divided into numbered sections, the length of which was probably determined by the size of the pieces of parchment of which an earlier exemplar consisted.

In the pursuit of pure science for its own sake, undisturbed by sordid considerations, he shone as a beacon light to younger men - an exemplar of simple tastes, robust nature and lofty aspirations.

The Exemplar folded his hands, contemplating the request, then turned and walked to the front of the dais.

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When he finished, the Exemplar approached them and scrutinized the two young vampires.

A nice question is how far any alteration of the text of the exemplar is compatible with fidelity.

There can be little doubt, whatever counter claims may be set up, that the Third Order was one of St Francis' creations, and that his Third Order was the exemplar after which the others were fashioned; but at an early date the other Mendicant Orders formed Third Orders on the same lines, and so there came into being Dominican Tertiaries, and Carmelite, and Augustinian, and Servite, and also Premonstratensian and many others.

This is the deliberate alteration of an exemplar by way of substitution, addition or omission, but when it takes the particular form of omission it is naturally very hard to detect.

The Exemplar Humanae Vitae of Uriel d'Acosta also deserves reference.

He is the perfect Revelation of God and the Exemplar of true religion.

Of the baselessness of these fears, and to present to all Europe the exemplar of a progressive state, in which the principles of traditional authority and democratic liberty combined for the common good.