Sentence Examples with the word exegesis

Meanwhile, if agadic exegesis was popular in the centuries following the redaction of the Mishna, the study of halakhah Talmud.

It lays down principles for the investigation of the Rabbinic exegesis (Midrash, q.v.) and of the prayer-book of the synagogue.

It then becomes the task of critical exegesis to interpret the text thus recovered so as to bring out the meaning intended by the original authors.

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It is taken for granted that the readers will know who the martyr is, and the exegesis of the Church applies the passage to our Lord.

This interpretation was introduced into Protestant exegesis by Corrodi.

All patristic students now recognize the great inequality of these authors, and admit that they are not free from the faults of their times; it is not denied that much of their exegesis is untenable, or that their logic is often feeble and their rhetoric offensive to modern taste.

Ibn 'Abbas, a cousin of Mahomet, and the chief source of the traditional exegesis of the Koran, has, on theological and other grounds, given currency to a number of falsehoods; and at least some of his pupils have emulated his example.

The Antiochene school had set a worthy example of careful exegesis of scripture.

He studied at Bonn, was ordained priest in 1859, was nominated professor extraordinary at the university of Bonn in 1864, and a professor in ordinary of the exegesis of the New Testament in 1867 - an office which he held till his death.

If, therefore, the possibilities of exegesis were exhausted in the list of methods already enumerated, science would have to put the New Testament Apocalypse aside as a hopeless enigma.