Sentence Examples with the word executive council

Strickland, who had been elected while an undergraduate on the cry of equality of rights for Maltese and English, and Mizzi, the leader of the anti-English agitation, were, as soon as elected, given seats in the executive council to co-operate with the government; but their aims were irreconcilable.

Railway, street railway, telegraph and telephone franchises can be granted only by the Executive Council with the approval of the governor, and none can be operative until it has been approved by the President of the United States.

An executive council was formed by recalling Roland, Claviere and Servan to office and joining with them Danton as minister of justice, Lebrun as minister of foreign affairs, and Monge as minister of marine.

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He, however, is himself a member of the executive council as well as of some important boards or commissions, and it is in such capacity that he often has the greatest opportunity to exert power and influence.

The transformation of the provisional executive council into the Committee of Public Safetyomnipotent save in financial matterswas voted because the Girondins meant to control it; but Danton got the upper hand (April 6).

On the urgent recommendation of Lieut.- Governor Gore he was appointed to the executive council of Upper Canada in 1815.

He was a member of the Massachusetts executive council from 1776 to 1780, and a delegate to the continental congress from 1776 to 1778.

The executive council (Bundesrat) of seven members elects the president and vicepresident for a term of three years (see Switzerland: Government).

Towards Great Britain the executive council and the Convention behaved with singular folly.

A durbar is the executive council of a native state.