Sentence Examples with the word executed

The meagreness of the results obtained by the occasional works executed in the last century, and the fact that the investigators were unfortunate enough to strike upon places already explored, gave rise to the opinion that the whole area of the city had been crossed by tunnels in the time of Charles III.

V.) a nude and roughly executed colossal figure of the god.

The Japanese thereupon executed the same manoeuvre as before, and steamed S.E.

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The majority of the council abandoned their supporter, who was executed in due course.

The first works executed by him at Prague were, nevertheless, a homage to the astrological proclivities of the emperor.

He executed the first book in French; it was read (in 1767), as an anonymous production, before a literary society of foreigners in London, and condemned.

The thin clumsily-shaped vases of the Kaji school, with their uniformly distributed decoration of diapers, scrolls and arabesques in comparatively dull colors, ceased altogether to be produced, their place being taken by graceful specimens, technically flawless, and carrying designs not only free from stiffness, but also executed in colors at once rich and soft.

The party which had set up the Committee of Public Safety was now struck down by the very man who through the Directory inherited by direct lineal descent the dictatorial powers instituted in the spring of 1793 for the salvation of the republic. It remains to add that the suspects in the plot of October 1800 were now guillotined (31st of January 1801), and that two of the plotters closely connected with the affair of Nivose were also executed (21st of April).

Countries, provinces and dioceses also had their special hagiographic collections, conceived according to various plans and executed with more or less historical sense.

This task was principally executed by Juan Vazquez de Coronado (or Vasquez de Coronada), an able and humane governor appointed in 1562, whose civilizing work was undone by the almost uninterrupted maladministration of his fifty-eight successors.