Sentence Examples with the word exclusively

The Neotraginae (or Nanotraginae) form an exclusively African group of small-sized antelopes divided into several, for the most part nearly related, genera.

Those physicians who had occupied themselves in the study of the exacter sciences, or more closely or more exclusively of the wreckage of the post mortem room, were the strongest men of this school, whether in England or abroad.

The Ersatz consists exclusively of young men, who would in war time be drafted to the regimental depots and thence sent, with what training circumstances had in the meantime allowed, to the front.

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The original specimen of C. dodecalophus contained exclusively female zooids, in which a single pair of ovaries (figs.

This comitia must originally have been composed exclusively of patricians; but there is reason to believe that, at an early period of the Republic, it had, in imitation of the centuriate organization, come to include plebeians (see Curia).

The Amphibia, to which the sea is a barrier, are almost exclusively of Australian affinities.

The Turkish element is small, consisting exclusively of officials sent individually from Constantinople.

It is almost exclusively in the mines of Bahia, and in particular in the Cincora district, that the valuable carbonado is found.

The industries of the place are almost exclusively connected with the requirements of the dockyard, and embrace machine shops, iron foundries and boiler works.

In the religious literature they are almost exclusively represented as magicians and diviners opposing the Christian missionaries, though we find two of them acting as tutors to the daughters of Laegaire, the high-king, at the coming of St Patrick.