Sentence Examples with the word excitement

He prayed with that passionate and shamefaced feeling with which men pray at moments of great excitement arising from trivial causes.

Or maybe that kind of excitement existed only in newfound relationships.

Dinizulu, however, remained at the time quiescent, though the Zulus were in a state of excitement over incidents connected with the war, when they had been subject to raids by Boer commandoes, and on one occasion at least had retaliated in characteristic Zulu fashion.

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The union of the Burgher and the Antiburgher bodies in 1820 in the United Secession - both having previously come to hold Voluntary principles - added to the influence of these principles in the country, while the political excitement of the period disposed men's minds to such discussions.

Our quiet mountain home was especially attractive and restful after the excitement and fatigue of our visit to the World's Fair.

The immediate cause of his death was an attack of pneumonia, but the disease was aggravated by the excitement attending his sudden change in circumstances and the incessant demands of office seekers.

Carmen watched with excitement as the foal's feet could be seen inside a thin sac... first one and then the other.

The way his lips lingered and the feel of his warm breath on her neck sent a thrill of excitement through her body.

So my little heart leaped high with eager excitement when I knew that my wish was at last to be realized.

It was nothing but excitement from first to last--drives, luncheons, receptions, and all that they involve when you have an eager, tireless child like Helen on your hands.