Sentence Examples with the word excavator

This building, the date of which is not yet finally settled, though its excavator believes it to be of the Old Kingdom like the temple of the Sphinx at Giza, is one of the most remarkable in Egypt, and the completion of its excavation is much to be desired.

But two difficulties face the wouldbe excavator in Alexandria.

SIR AUSTEN HENRY LAYARD (1817-1894), British author and diplomatist, the excavator of Nineveh, was born in Paris on the 5th of March 1817.

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When, in 1880, General Pitt-Rivers obtained possession of his great-uncle's estates-practically untouched by the excavator since they had been the battleground of the West Saxons, the Romans and the Britons-he devoted himself to exploring them.

The excavator also claimed to have found the omphalos itself.