Sentence Examples with the word excavate

Bees can excavate timber and make their brood-chambers in hollow plant-stems.

The Germans began to excavate the great temple of Hera at Samos in 1910.

Yet it is in this stratum, and in this alone, that the catacombs are constructed; their engineers avoiding with equal care the solid stone of the tufa litoide and the friable pozzolana, and selecting the stratum of medium hardness, which enabled them to form the vertical walls of their galleries, and to excavate the loculi and cubicula without severe labour and also without fear of their falling in.

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The lowest part of the surface of this rock was reached after excavating through alluvial deposits to a depth of about 70 ft., but owing to its fissured and cavernous nature it became necessary to excavate to much greater depths, reaching in places more than 120 ft.

So much slaughter had gone on during that period of storm and stress that it was long impossible to excavate in any direction without coming on human remains.

More than one attempt to excavate this temple, the last by G.

In many cases, however, it has been found necessary to reopen the mine through the fallen ground, and even to excavate openings through the solid mineral.

These ruins were discovered in 1877 by Ernest de Sarzec, at that time French consul at Basra, who was allowed, by the Montefich chief, Nasir Pasha, the first Wali-Pasha, or governor-general, of Basra, to excavate at his pleasure in the territories subject to that official.

He also was the first to excavate in Babylonia, where C. J.

The sites of Pella and Dion were examined by the Greeks, and the French began to excavate the necropolis and theatre of Philippi in 1914.