Sentence Examples with the word exaltation

But even here Polybius charges him with favouring Rome at the expense of Carthage, and with the undue exaltation of the great head of his house, Q.

This ardent attachment was perhaps one of the sources of the exaltation which marked her career, and gave many handles to her enemies.

Intense application during early youth had weakened a constitution never robust, and led to accesses of feverish exaltation culminating, in the spring of 1761, in an attack of bilious hypochondria, which permanently lowered the tone of his nervous system.

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Ziehen has noted exaltation of the jerk to follow extirpation of a cortical centre.

So again, in the stress that he lays on the misery which the most secret wrong-doing must necessarily cause from the perpetual fear of discovery, and in his exuberant exaltation of the value of disinterested friendship, he shows a sincere, though not completely successful, effort to avoid the offence that consistent egoistic hedonism is apt to give to ordinary human feeling.

All this meant a mighty exaltation of the Church, which ruled the minds of men as she had hardly ever done before.

In acute mania it acts like hyoscyamine in producing sleep. In large doses stramonium is a narcotic poison producing the wellmarked stages of exaltation of function, diminution of functional activity, and later loss of function, sinking into coma and paralysis.

In his exaltation of the spiritual side of religion over its forms, his enthusiastic celebration of the love of Christ, and his assertion of the individualist principle, he represented the best side of the influences that led to the Lollard movement.

Partly, no doubt, the limited influence of his disciples, the Peripatetics, is to be attributed to that exaltation of the purely speculative life which distinguished the Aristotelian ethics from other later systems, and which was too alien from the common moral consciousness to find much acceptance in an age in which the ethical aims of philosophy had again become paramount.

It thus became in a high degree symbolical of the exaltation of the sacerdotal power.