Sentence Examples with the word ex-

Poetry and belles lettres still o e continued to occupy the chief place in the native literature, la8nguage 1 but under Kazinczy and his immediate followers Berzsenyi, 807- Kolcsey, Fay and others, a correctness of style and ex- 1830).

Two features stand out with special distinctness: the ex- Circula- change of water between the Red Sea and the Indian tion.

Nearly half the ex- penditure goes to meet debt charges, while government, internal development and defence absorb most of the remainder.

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While the information obtained by surface explorations is always valuable, and sometimes conclusive, as to the value of the deposit, it is usually necessary to supplement Under- Ex- and confirm it by underground work.

This great event was preceded by the general Portu- utilization in Europe of the polarity of the magnetic guese ex- needle in the construction of the mariner's compass.

If the journeys detailed above be traced on the map they will be found to cover the northern half of the peninsula above the line Mecca-Hofuf, with a network of routes, General which, though sometimes separated by wide intervals, results are still close enough to ensure that no important of ex- geographical feature can have been overlooked, ploration.

The ex- ternal service of the palace is performed by the Swiss Guard and the gendarmerie; the service of the ante-chamber by the lay and ecclesiastical chamberlains; this service has also given rise to certain honorary titles both for ecclesiastics, e.g.