Sentence Examples with the word every night

They inexplicably seem to be the ones who eat a stick of butter every night before bed or chain-smoked Lucky Strikes until they were seventy.

Rule three: you will eat three square meals a day and sleep every night with me, because you couldn't take care of yourself if you tried.

According to one of these stories Thetis used to lay the infant Achilles every night under live coals, anointing him by day with ambrosia, in order to make him immortal.

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Almost every night they were brought out; almost every night some pencil marks were effaced, and others were substituted.

On every night of the year there are a great number of these radiants in action, but the large majority represent very attenuated showers.

Their social life was church, they had no television and even when Carmen had attended college, they had requested that she stay at home every night instead of living in a dorm.

Her curtains were open, as they had been every night since she transformed.

He was normal, aside from the weird buzz at the base of his skull that'd kept him awake every night since Bianca touched his face.

Of space in the middle, between the mould arid the hoop, and are covered with mats and straw, but as soon as the radishes come up they are uncovered daily, and covered again every night as a protection against possible frosts.

A few of us hunt every night for meat then have a bonfire to cook it up.