Sentence Examples with the word ever so

He could spot the rider now and again with occasional glances and by counting off the seconds between points they both passed, knew he was gaining, if ever so slowly.

If the external electromotive force exceed that of the cell by ever so little, a current flows in the opposite direction, and all the former chemical changes are reversed, copper dissolving from the copper plate, while zinc is deposited on the zinc plate.

No other Danish king was ever so beloved by his people.

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It seems as if a child who could see and hear until her nineteenth month must retain some of her first impressions, though ever so faintly.

Different samples of water cannot therefore differ ever so little in percentage composition, and the same must be true for every compound as distinguished from a mixture.

When she completed her task, she stepped up on the velvet chair, after modestly lifting her skirt ever so slightly.

She smiled and began to hum, ever so quietly.

I don't know if she is aware of our arrangement as few words ever pass between us, but her quarters are far from mine and we will be ever so quiet in our love.

Now that he'd tasted the fires that burned in her voluptuous body, no other woman could ever so satisfy him.

His piercing gaze held hers for a moment, and then his expression softened ever so slightly.