Sentence Examples with the word even up

Besides this, Charles had to struggle against the incessant rebellions in Aquitaine, against the Bretons, whose revolt was led by their chief Nomenoe and Erispoe, and who inflicted on the king the defeats of Ballon (845) and Juvardeil (851), and especially against the Normans, who devastated the country in the north of Gaul, the valleys of the Seine and Loire, and even up to the borders of Aquitaine.

In these high and stony valleys every available patch of ground is utilized for the cultivation of barley, even up to altitudes of 7000 and 8000 ft.

The smallest of the birds, the ruby throat humming-bird, is found everywhere, even up to timber line in the mountains.

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Ephemeridae are found all over the world, even up to high northern latitudes.

Remained even up to her accession to the throne a much-debated one.

For a long time this hope proved illusory, and in the case of Egyptian archaeology the results have proved disappointing even up to the very present.