Sentence Examples with the word evangelize

Commissioned him to evangelize Germany and to counteract the influence of the Irish monks there.

He was zealous also in the cause of foreign missions, and in a sermon preached at the opening of the new century he urged that a supreme obligation rested upon Britain at this epoch in the world's history to seek to evangelize all nations.

Smith, Short History of Christian Missions, pp. '16-118; Gustavus Vasa in 1559 made an effort to educate and evangelize the Lapps.

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He warmly supported the Catholic missionary bishop of Holland, Rovenius, in his contests with the Jesuits, who were trying to evangelize that country without regard to the bishop's wishes.

In1846-1848a remarkable religious brotherhood (the Briiderhaus, founded by Spittler of Basel) settled in Jerusalem: it was originally intended to be a settlement of celibate mechanics that would form a nucleus of mission work to evangelize the world.

Such were the Oratorians of St Philip Neri, founded to evangelize the middle classes of Rome.