Sentence Examples with the word evangelical

Schandau has an Evangelical parish church, a hydropathic establishment and a school of river navigation.

Another work, which was soon translated into all the principal European languages, Die wahre Weihe des Zweiflers (1823; 9th ed., with the title Die Lehre von der Siinde and dem Versohner, 1870), the outcome of his own religious history, procured for him the position which he ever after held of the modern Pietistic apologist of Evangelical Christianity.

The doctrines of Presbyterianism are those generally known as evangelical and Calvinistic. The supreme standard of belief is the Word of God in the original languages.

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In the summer of 1864 a sermon which he preached and printed on Baptismal Regeneration (a doctrine which he strenuously repudiated, maintaining that immersion was only an outward and visible sign of the inward conversion) led to a difference with the bulk of the Evangelical party, both Nonconformist and Anglican.

The sermons of these men were largely scriptural, the cardinal evangelical truths being emphasized with reality and vigour, but with a tendency to abstract theology rather than concrete religion.

Kirche, and Zwingliana, P. Schaff, Creeds of the Evangelical Protestant Churches, p. 211.

In 1609, John Sigismund had joined the Evangelical Union, probably to win support in the Rhineland, and the same consideration was doubtless one reason why, in 1613, he forsook the Lutheran doctrines of his family, and became an adherent of the reformed, or Calvinist, faith.

There were pure evangelical forces at work in it; and many Anabaptists need not shun comparison with the Christians of the apostolic and post-apostolic ages.

The autobiographies of these early Methodist preachers are among the classics of the Evangelical Revival.

Among other subjects, he wrote on the School of Hierotheus, on Romish falsifications of the Greek Fathers, on Leo XIII., on Liberal Ultramontanism, on the Papal Teaching in regard to Morals, on Vincentius of Lerins and he carried on a controversy with Professor Willibald Beyschlag, of the German Evangelical Church, on the respective merits of Protestantism and Old Catholicism regarded as a basis for teaching the Christian faith.