Sentence Examples with the word evaluation

The evaluation of the area of the curve had made Roberval famous in France, but Descartes considered that the value of his investigation had been grossly exaggerated; he declared the problem to be of an elementary nature and submitted a short and simple solution.

She and her husband related their conversation with Effie to Fred, how she had read the notebook, her comments regarding the gold coins, and their new, more respectful evaluation of Miss Effie Quincy.

The Evaluation of Continued Fractions.

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For the first term in (5) the evaluation is effected at once by a known formula.

A matrix has in many parts of mathematics a signification apart from its evaluation as a determinant.

In short, we suggest that a more holistic approach to the evaluation of these packages is needed.

Galileo attempted the evaluation by weighing the curve against the generating circle; this rough method gave only an approximate value, viz., a little less than thrice the generating circle.

The conclusion from these therefore was that the ratio of circumference to diameter is 34 This is a most notable piece of work; the immature condition of arithmetic at the time was the only real obstacle preventing the evaluation of the ratio to any degree of accuracy whatever.5 No advance of any importance was made upon the achievement of Archimedes until after the revival of learning.

The exact geometrical evaluation of the second quantity, viz.

Kauffmann (Ber., 1906, 39, p. 1 959) attempted an evaluation of the effects of auxochromic groups by means of the magnetic optical constants.