Sentence Examples with the word evacuation

A'Ran closed the connection and checked the evacuation progress.

In 1780 Georgetown was occupied by a body of Loyalist troops, with whom the American troops had several skirmishes, but on the Toth of August 1781 General Francis Marion forced the evacuation of the town and took possession of it.

The left flank, even after the evacuation of Columbus, was exposed, and the Missouri divisions under Pope quickly seized New Madrid.

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One result of the Russo-Japanese War was the evacuation of Manchuria by the Russians, which, after the conclusion of peace in 1905, was handed over by Japan to China.

The relief of Ladysmith soon led to the evacuation of Natal by the Boer forces, who trekked northwards.

Owing to the general condition of poverty which prevailed after the French evacuation in the second decade of the 19th century, attention was turned to the means of industry offered by the unreclaimed heath-lands in the eastern provinces, and in 1818 the Society of Charity (Maatschappij van Weldadigkeid) was formed with Count van den Bosch at its head.

For the subsequent operations in Egypt, which ended in its evacuation by the French after the British victory at Alexandria, see Egypt: History.

I just issued the evacuation order for those remaining.

The atrial region extends from the mouth over about twothirds of the length of the body, terminating at a large median ventral aperture, the atriopore; this is the excurrent orifice for the respiratory current of water and also serves for the evacuation of the generative products.

The evacuation of Afghanistan was settled on the terms proposed, and in 1881 the British troops also made over Kandahar to the new amir; but Ayub Khan, one of Shere Ali's sons, marched upon that city from Herat, defeated Abdur Rahman's troops, and occupied the place in July.