Sentence Examples with the word eumenes

The birthday of Eumenes was regularly kept, and every month sacrifice was offered to him and games held in his honour.

Craterus fell in battle against Eumenes (Diodorus xviii.

Mesopotamia naturally had its share of suffering in the struggles that disturbed the time, when Eumenes or Seleucus traversed it or wintered there.

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Though some of the masonry in the ruins is certainly pre-Roman, Suidas's identification of it with Cyinda, famous as a treasure city in the wars of Eumenes of Cardia, cannot be accepted in the face of Strabo's express location of Cyinda in western 'Cilicia.

He entered into negotiations with Eumenes; but Eumenes remained faithful to the royal house.

Valerius Flaccus, Aristonicus, an illegitimate son of Eumenes II.

There is more than one meaning of Eumenes discussed in the 1911 Encyclopedia.

The splendour of Pergamum was at its height under Eumenes II.

Set up a number of bronze statues on the Acropolis; Eumenes II.

Antipater, now sole regent, made several new regulations, and having quelled a mutiny of his troops and commissioned Antigonus to continue the war against Eumenes and the other partisans of Perdiccas, returned to Macedonia, where he arrived in 320 (Justin xiii.