Sentence Examples with the word eulogistic

It is generally accurate in f acts but written in an unsatisfactorily eulogistic vein.

James Mill, who was intimately acquainted with him, says (in a letter to Napier of November 1818) that he knew not a better man, and on the occasion of his death published a highly eulogistic notice of him in the Morning Chronicle.

This created a demand for the book, and started it upon a career that has probably had more vicissitudes and called forth more adverse as well as more eulogistic criticism than any other contemporary literary work.

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The chief original sources for John's life are Froissart, the maliciously hostile Chronicon Angliae (1328-1388), and the eulogistic Chronicle of Henry Knighton (both the latter in the Rolls Series).

For a eulogistic sermon on the first duke of Devonshire he was in 1707 recommended to the deanery of Peterborough.

He wrote an eulogistic life of the duke, the earlier and concluding parts of which are lost; and Ordericus Vitalis, who gives a short biography of him in his Historia ecclesiastica, says that he also wrote verses.

Two long eulogistic addresses and most of the brief apostrophes to the emperor are from a later hand, which has added some dualistic touches.

The highly eulogistic epitaph on his monument at Bushley was written by Edmund Burke.

Lyons, in Brigadier-General Thomas Francis Meagher (New York, 1870), gives a eulogistic account of his career.

Boyle, in whose works there are frequent eulogistic references to Bacon, regarded himself as a disciple and was indeed known as a second Bacon.